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Medication Assistance

All our direct care professionals are certified by the Virginia Board of Nursing to administer medications.

Support Planning

Individuals receive comprehensive personalized supports that capture their needs and preferences.

Health Education

At Prosperity Homes, individuals are educated on their right to participate in choosing their supports and treatment plans options.

Routine Medical Care

Individuals receive quality medical and dental services to ensure optimal health.

Outpatient Support

Things happen. With round-the-clock care professionals, individuals returning home receive supports to help them get back on their feet.

24x7 Emergency

Our homes provide 24/7 access to staff that can get individuals the care they need, when they need it.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing adults with intellectual disabilities with the dignity, respect, and service they desire to live extraordinary lives.


Individuals Are People First.
We recognize that a disability is only an element of life: it does not define a person. We see people for who they are and support them in accordance to their needs.


Your Choice Matters
We humbly and wholeheartedly respect that. People have the right to participate in meaningful decisions that direct their lives. Prosperity Homes advocates for individuals to share their opinions, set their own goals, and shape their own lives.


Here To Serve.
To the best of our capacity and ability, Prosperity Homes will provide every individual it serves with the services, support, and care required to ensure individuals are healthy, safe, and happy.

A Word From Our Founder.

  • A Word From Our Founder

    Prosperity Homes is founded on basic, but profound principles which are rooted in caring for each other as people. I want everyone who enters Prosperity Homes to feel like they belong in the homes they have chosen. I want every staff member to feel like they are contributing to the wholeness of someone's life.

    Mrs. Myrna Founder, Administrator.