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Working with Individuals with Intellectual and Development Disabilities can be Rewarding. We offer Full-Time, Part-Time, Flexible PRN, Overnight, and Volunteer Opportunities.
We use a number of recruiting platforms but our most active is Indeed. Feel free to browse our current listings there. Or dive right in, hit the button below and...
The following criteria outline what we generally look for in an applicant:
  • A great attitude accompanied by a smile!
  • A true desire to serve individuals in a kind and professional manner

For DSP 1 and DSP 2 positions, a High School Diploma or General Education Equivalency is required.

For Lead DSP 2 positions, additional education or training in either business or management will make you a stronger candidate.

DSP 1 positions require 0 to 1 years of Direct Care experience. This can include professional experience, volunteer work, and also time spent with family, or friends providing supports to someone you love.

DSP 2 positions require 1 or more years of Direct Care experience in a group home, in-home, or facility based experience.

Lead DSP 2 positions require 2 or more years of Direct Care experience as well as at least a year of supervisory experience. Experience with drafting quarterlies and incident management/risk control is a plus.

In compliance with Virgina State laws, all Direct Care staff are required to undergo Criminal Background and Social Service Screenings.

Please review the State list of barrier crimes to determine if you are eligible to assume work as a Direct Care worker.

Questions about Employment

Q. What is a DSP?

DSP stands for Direct Support Professional and they are the front line warriors to the ID/DD service field.
At Prosperity Homes, DSP’s work with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to support them on their daily journeys.
No two people are the same so DSPs provide a wide array of supports that are based an individual's required level of care.
DSPs work to help people floursih in their homes and community. That may mean assisting around the house, taking individuals to appointments or into the community, helping individuals with their hobbies, or assiting with mobility. DSPs at Prosperity Homes provide dignity, respect, and service: so individuals can lead meaningful lives they enjoy.

Q. Helpful Resources for DSPs

Some resources future DSPs may be interested in reading:

Q. How much money can I make as a DSP?

Prosperity Homes Offers the following pay tiers for DSPs:

  • DSP 1: $12/hr - $17/hr
  • Lead DSP 2: $17/hr - $21/hr
  • PRN DSP: $14/hr - $18/hr

Q. What Benefits Does Prosperity Homes Offer?

We offer competitive wages alongside growth and promotion opportunities from within the company. Additionally, we offer a continuous learning environment with on-the-job training and paid certifications. Never worked in the field before? We offer from-the-ground up training to selected candidates looking to start their career in the ID/DD field. Paid time off is automatically accrued for all full-time staff, we offer a $500 referral program.

Q. What Shifts Are Available?

The homes operate at a 24/7 capacity. There are three primary shifts:

  • Mornings: 7 am - 3 pm
  • Evenings: 3 pm - 11 pm
  • Over Night: 11 pm - 7 am
Additionally, there are PRN DSP positions that allow the DSP great flexibility in choosing their own schedules and offer pay additional differentials for emergency coverage.

Q. Where Are The Homes Located?

Prosperity Homes is currently exclusively in Virginia Beach, VA. We have three locations within 15 minutes driving distance of one another. Our current locations are as follows:

  • River Rock House
  • Pleasant Hall House
  • Tony Lema House
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